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Starz Karaoke
Starz Karaoke is not your average karaoke show. We have a great mix of upbeat, popular music to create that party atmosphere that will attract more customers. We understand that not everybody in your venue wants to sing karaoke on stage, and they certainly don’t want to listen to someone screeching out some obscure,  boring, old ballad. So we have filled our songlist with over 10,000 of the best  party songs of all time. Non-singers spend as much, or more, than regular  karaoke followers and should be considered as important as anybody else at a  karaoke show. Having lively, upbeat music playing will allow non-singers to get up and have a  dance and enjoy their night too. Our focus is increasing your bottom line by attracting more people to your venue, and we’ll work with you with that purpose in mind. Whether you want to boost  slow week night trade or attract more families for lunch on the weekend, we have  the package to suit.

Starz Hosted Karaoke for Clubs and Pubs

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